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#6844 by number9
Mon Apr 13, 2009 5:44 pm
funone46 wrote:I think we are stuck in limbo. My landline is off so that part is done. Just waiting on ooma now

Keep us posted Funone46. Good luck!
#6845 by tommies
Mon Apr 13, 2009 5:44 pm
buzzman wrote:I am currently in process of porting my Qwest landline (with DSL) to Ooma. I understand that Ooma strongly suggested to dry-loop my DSL from my landline before porting. However, Qwest has reassured me many times with different CSRs that my DSL will NOT be disconnected when the porting occurs. If I insist of dry-looping my DSL from my landline, Qwest will need to have a technician come over and it will cost me around $100.

Anyone has any experience of porting from landline (with DSL) without dry-looping?

Any response is appreciated.

I'm dry loop my ATT DSL, it take app. 10 days to complete and does not cost me one cent. No technician, no nothing. And it happen 20 days before my port completed. However, it makes a mess out of my phone bills: I still have DSL and mobile phone with att.

I guess they try to make some $$$ before you saying goodbye.
#6865 by srlish
Mon Apr 13, 2009 6:46 pm
funone46 wrote:I think we are stuck in limbo. My landline is off so that part is done. Just waiting on ooma now

It's closing in on 11pm (eastern). My landline of 13 years was cut off (Verizon) around 9am today! Callers have basically been told the line has been disconnected
Or at other times: simply try dialing again. My service via the temp number has been active though. I'm hoping to wake yp in the morning to the process completed!
#6890 by rajeev
Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:59 pm
I sent my porting request in 4th week of Mar09. My AT&T land line was disconnected today at about 8am. Called Ooma CSR and was assured that my number will be ported today by 5pm. Later during the day I was caught in between Ooma service outage and porting disruption. Couldn't figure out what was happening. Finally at 6pm I got back Ooma line ( Ooma number not the ported one from AT&T). Surprisingly my AT&T land line also started working this evening but only for out going calls. Incoming still say " line disconnected". Not sure if the porting was incomplete due to Ooma service disruption or other technical issues. Ooma CSR was not reachable this afternoon. Anxiously waiting to talk to Ooma tomorrow for status of my porting process.

___ Porting successfully completed today Apr 14th___ Thanks Ooma_____
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#6895 by funone46
Tue Apr 14, 2009 2:26 am
Mine was to port by 5 pm yesterday too. It did not happen ,but my land line is dead now. I hope they get this done TODAY
#6898 by srlish
Tue Apr 14, 2009 3:26 am
7:30am Eastern. Trouble with porting obviously not fixed overnight. Hopefully I'll be able to talk to someone in CS this morning (Pacific time, that is)
#6899 by gnapier
Tue Apr 14, 2009 3:48 am
I am experiencing the same issue. My land line was disconnected and had an Ooma outage at same time. Landline still disconnected and I have received no word about the porting being completed. Do the Ooma folks ever respond to these posts? I would not have switched to Ooma if I wasn't able to port my number so I certainly hope this gets fixed.
#6977 by ihateqwest
Tue Apr 14, 2009 11:40 am
I didn't know where to put my comments, so I came here. I've had Ooma for about 1/2 year and everything has been fine (except the outage yesterday). I convinced my in-laws to get ooma. I told them (due to recommendations from Ooma and other users in this forum) to dis-associate their DSL service from their residential line with Qwest. I think there's another fancy name for this. I did this when I got Ooma, and everything went well. My in-laws have a basement appt in their home, so they asked Qwest to put their main number downstairs and create a new DSL account for upstairs and wait for Ooma to port their existing phone number. Well, it would take a novel and 10 hrs of my time to write down here what heart ache they went through and are still going through with Qwest to get it all straightened out. Qwest did say that you don't have to separate the service in anticipation of a porting order. They will automatically assign a new number to the remaining DSL service. They told us this after we submitted the separation order. Had I known this, I wouldn't have put my in-laws through the trouble they went through. To this day, they don't have internet service and Qwest doesn't want them as customers.

Now, I haven't seen it work (Qwest automatically assigning a new # for DSL when receiving a port order) but it wouldn't be a bad idea trying it.
#6988 by srlish
Tue Apr 14, 2009 12:51 pm
Finally, number ported quietly at 3:10pm this afternoon followed by an email confirmation!
#6989 by frenchcamp49er
Tue Apr 14, 2009 12:55 pm
srlish wrote:Finally, number ported quietly at 3:10pm this afternoon followed by an email confirmation!

OK I have my number disconnected, so how long of a wait for the port to complete? DO I need to do anything to the box?



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