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#72811 by luvsaving$
Wed Jan 12, 2011 11:09 am
Thanks to all who provided feedback into your state of Ooma service. I went through the responses and here's how the comments have netted out so far...

11...Number of "Generally Satisfied" customers (although 8 admitted to experiencing issues
1...Number of "Generally Unsatisfied" customers

Comments/Issues Supplied
By far the predominant issue is call delay that results in "stepping" on the other end of the call. Voicemail and call waiting issues were mentioned. In fact I have experienced a MAJOR delay, though I have not measured it; over twice as bad as my AT&T cell phone based on calls to the 909-390-0003 test number). Nearly all said or inferred that the Ooma service is "better than their alternative", and they are willing to put up with the problems to save money.

My take-away's are:
* YES, problems are the norm
* Ooma has tried to fix issues but there are some that they have not been able to correct
* For the most part the problems are not sufficient to make people stop using the service but alter what a "normal" phone call sounds like

If you would like to continue adding input I'd encourage people to use a "twitter" format of a very brief statement of what your issue is (if any) and is it causing an intolerable experience. This will make it easier for people to glean information from a multiple-page post.
#72812 by luvsaving$
Wed Jan 12, 2011 11:12 am
Forgot to mention that one other thing I'm experiencing that no one else mentioned is that I have looked over at the device a few times a day and see the device recycling. Had I been on a call at that time it would have been dropped. No other internet problems were occurring at the time.
#72834 by GuMan
Wed Jan 12, 2011 6:54 pm
Latency issues are 99% the front end of the network you are on. Cable modem is notoriously bad for this. Also, because cable modem providers regularly throttle data rates within the DOCSIS limits, your Ooma box may be having to adjust for it. Just a guess on what the Ooma hardware does as the bandwidth of your connection changes based on some hardware I worked on for digital quadrature modulators in the recent past.

I have ADSL, and the performance of the calls and reliability has been just fine. The worst latency issue I have is when I call my friends who are on Time Warner cable digital phone service.
#72840 by lbmofo
Wed Jan 12, 2011 8:24 pm
luvsaving$ wrote:My take-away's are:
* YES, problems are the norm

You won't hear from majority of folks w/o issues so don't think your assumption is correct; "some folks experience issues" is more like it.

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