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#68300 by LARRY
Thu Nov 04, 2010 2:15 pm
Maybe this is an easy issue but trying as many times as I have it doesn't seem to be that easy.

From time to time somebody puts my name in one of those 'Franchise offering websites'. Though the child in me says ‘good one’, the adult in me is rather put off by the repeated frequency of that prank.

Here’s the background;

* I try to keep the slider set to High as to discourage telemarketers calls through the community blacklist. Yet every time I go back in it’s set to Custom.

* Blacklist options.

• I’ve set the checkbox to both enable community and personal blacklists.
• I’ve also selected provide the number disconnected feature with the hopes of removing my number from the various lists my antagonist has put me on.
• I have added numbers to my personal blacklist.

So here's the question(s);

Every time I log back on it seems I’ve been automatically changed to Custom from High and the outgoing message feature is set to other options (not number disconnected).

1) What is with the 'Enable Privacy Enhancement' threshold from High to Custom? What does it accomplish?
2) How can I maintain my preferences for outgoing message (disconnected)?
3) How can I know the community blacklist accomplishes anything?
a. Side note: what good does the community Blacklist do? As I still get a very large amount of solicitor call through?!

Second question – I’m beginning to get single ring and the line goes away as if the caller hung up. But, they didn’t; only my line stops ringing. Moments later the caller has left a message and the light blinks showing a message has been received.

What’s happening?


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