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#60035 by mannino
Fri Jul 16, 2010 5:32 pm
Is anyone currently using Ooma (Telo) in Italy? And if so, what are the technical requirements?
I am interested in sending a Telo to my family, provided it works.
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#60041 by bw1
Fri Jul 16, 2010 6:26 pm
See the FAQ -
Can I use the Ooma system internationally?

The Ooma system can be used anywhere there is a high-speed Internet connection. Regardless of where you use it, calls to the US will be free and calls outside the US will be subject to low-cost international rates. If you plan to use the device overseas, be sure to use a phone that meets US standards, and be aware that the power supply that comes with the Ooma Hub is built for US power specifications. Also, if you choose to install and use the Ooma system outside the US, you'll be solely responsible for compliance with international laws and subject to all associated fees, taxes, tariffs, and legal penalties.

Also, it requires a high-speed wired internet connection with a minimum bandwidth of 256 Kbps.

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