PROBLEMS with bluetooth adapter and headset

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PROBLEMS with bluetooth adapter and headset

Post by miamikid » Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:56 am

THis is really frustrating. I recently bought Ooma, became a premier member, and bought the bluetooth dongle. It recognizes my iphone and jawbone.

But if you are away from the base, or go out, it 'disconnects' both devices, so they are active, but not recognized by any of the ooma handsets.

You have to delete the current pairings - which say 'enabled' but 'disconnected' and then repair. Usually this means rebooting the ooma base by having to unplug the AC adapter for 10 seconds. It always means having to unplug and reinsert the dongle, or I get an error message forever that says the bluetooth is busy and try again in 30 seconds.

Even when I have deleted the iPhone, since the major thing I want to work is the JAWBONE, it is almost impossible to get it up and running easy. You have to connect to a phone call, then go to intercom, find the headset, and transfer. 5 TIMES out of 6 it drops the call!!!!!!

I am using Ooma for business. Or trying at least. This can't be the state of bluetooth adapters/headsets/and use when it comes to Ooma in 2010. I've searched the database and talked to tech -


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Re: PROBLEMS with bluetooth adapter and headset

Post by Groundhound » Sun Jul 11, 2010 1:08 pm

If you take the paired device out of range of the Bluetooth dongle on the Telo, it will drop the connection (normal behavior). The Bluetooth screen in setup will still list the device as "Enabled" but "Not Connected", again normal behavior. If you then bring the device back into range with the Telo, and the device is not paired with another device, it should reconnect with the Telo - if not try turning off Bluetooth in the device and then turning it back on while in range of the Telo. From a practical standpoint, "in range" means in the same room IMO.

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