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#59521 by FreePhone
Thu Jul 08, 2010 6:55 pm
So while I want to keep my same pre Ooma number that I have had for 13 years, I am not willing to pay the $40 porting fee. Nor am I willing to pay the $120 a year fee for the Premium service, which would get me free porting. The Premium service only has one feature I like anyway, the blacklist feature. But that is not worth $120 a year to me.

Anyway, back in the day when you changed numbers the phone company used a recording that would tell anyone that called your old number that the number had changed and what the new number was. Because I currently have Charter Cable Telephone, I take it that when I cancel my Charter phone service to use only my Ooma line, I won't have anything to tell my contacts about the number change. So I take it that the only way my contacts will know my new number is if I tell them?
#59526 by southsound
Thu Jul 08, 2010 7:15 pm
Why not use the opportunity to switch your callers over to a GV number - then you can have it ring both your cell and home phones - and tell your friends that new number is all they will ever have to use to reach you. I was surprised at how few of my friends balked. Most thought it was great to not have to try to guess where I was so they knew what number to call. You might check to see if Charter has a voicemail-only option that you could switch to - then you could create your own recording. I did that for my landline since it is cheaper for me to keep it than to pay the premium for naked DSL. By the way, even though I have Premier I have chosen to use GV without GVE. I like it better and it does not use up a GV Virtual number.
#59535 by FreePhone
Thu Jul 08, 2010 9:14 pm
I already had voicemail with Charter but never used it because I have an answering machine for home calls that I use instead, it was easier. And my cell phone has its own voicemail . I have a Google Voice number though, and really like the features.

I am almost tempted to pay the stinking $120 for the Ooma Premier service to get the free porting of my home number and then canceling Premier after the year is up. I want to keep my old home number but think $40 is way to much to port it. From what I understand Ooma used to charge $79 for the port.......really?
#59669 by oom101
Sat Jul 10, 2010 11:57 am
Just pay the $39.99 if you have decided to keep Ooma, since you want to keep the number. I've spent a fortune keeping numbers. Number parking will cost you at least $3 per month and more with free porting, or $2 per month and a $25 porting fee, just to forward, and then you can't call out on it. Or get Premium and keep both numbers.

The phone company has 90 day minimum recording for new number, if you order it, so ask your cable people if and how long. Maybe they have an optional pay by month to keep telling the new number? Who knows.

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