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#58771 by Wounded Knee
Mon Jun 28, 2010 7:35 pm
I am a new Ooma Telo owner. Despite a bunch of searching, reviewing the Ooma materials, and looking thorugh all my setting on my account at the Ooma website, I can not figure out how to adjust the ringer volume at the base. I tried hitting the speaker icon on the base, but nothing happens. I tried calling the base and hitting the speaker button while it was ringing, no change.

Ooma is new in our house, and if I can't lower the volume during my son's naptime my wife may push for getting our old phone service back. The direct to voicemail button works, but I would really prefer the base to ring at the lowest volume, or just turn the volume off and rely entirely on the volume of the handset ringer.

Any ideas? Thank you.
#58776 by bw1
Mon Jun 28, 2010 8:01 pm
The left-most button on the upper row (looks like a speaker with sound waves) adjusts the volume of the Telo speaker. You can press play to listen to the Ooma voicemail and then press the speaker button to hear the adjustment.

However that doesn't adjust the ringer volume. The ringer volume can only be controlled by the phones attached or connected to the Telo base. If you have a Telo handset, you can adjust the ringer volume by pressing the up or down arrows on the center directional pad or under Ringer Volume in the Sound Settings menu item. Each handset is adjusted separately.

To adjust the ringer volume on a phone (or cordless base station) attached to the phone port on the Telo, would be according to that phone's configuration.

The other possibility is to use the "Do not disturb" functionality by pressing and holding the envelope button on the Telo base for about 3 seconds until it is lit up with a red light. Then all calls will go to voicemail and none of your phones will ring. Press and hold again to turn off. DND is a Premier feature.

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