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#53372 by liamlance
Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:00 pm
Up until last week I was completely and utterly happy with my ooma devices (ooma telo and ooma telo handset), and the service that came with it.

Then it broke. After a fall from a table the ooma telo device broke clear opens and was unsalvagable. Into the garbage it went, but I was so pleased with service until then i had no qualms with driving straight to Best Buy and purchasing a new ooma telo device.

When i got it home i called the activations department who told me to activate the new device, with a new number and a new account and then to call and they would combine it with my old account so that i could keep my old number and my premium subscription i had already paid for. I followed all directions and called back. They stated they would "send a ticket" and it would be done in 24hrs. That was four days and 3 calls ago. I am absolutely done speaking to ooma's outsourced customer service representatives. While nice enough, they give me the same line every time: i will file a ticket and within 24-48 hours it will be done. Fail. When i ask them for someone, anyone else who has more knowledge or access, such as this additional level of tech support they state that they cannot divulge that info nor transfer me.

I know enough about technology that at some point this comes down to one simple act: replacing the mac address on my original premium account with the new ooma telo's mac address.

Please someone help, I would really like to keep my otherwise great ooma service, but we are reaching a danger zone in terms of my patience.

Thank you,

**UPDATE 4/21**
So, another two days, another two calls, another two "tickets" placed. Still no movement or changes in my ooma telo. Have only been told the same old story about a ticket being places and to wait 24hrs. Absolutely ludicrous! I still don't understand why its so difficult to change the hardware's mac address associated with my account. Oh, and they keep asking me what happened to the old device, as if they own it, as if they just can't believe I broke it and went to best buy and replaced it. Outsourcing the customer service/tech support for customers was the worst thing they every could have done. The call center reps are nice enough, and want to help fix it, but i suspect they have a very limited web-based form to work with and no one to escalate calls to, which could turn out a fatal flaw for a service such as this.

Ooma is great, just don't dare have to replace the hardware. Beyond frustrated.
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#53374 by feartheturtle
Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:49 pm
This is a user forum. I don't have time to explain all the reasons, but it would be best for you to edit your posting and remove everything below your name (and maybe your name as well). You can send/share that information to one of the Ooma moderators in a PM, but you should never post that information in this open forum.
#53405 by feartheturtle
Mon Apr 19, 2010 7:21 pm
Welcome to the forums - there is a good chance you will find help here when you need it, but there are some problems that can only be tackled by Ooma employees. Right now I think your best course of action is to send a PM to one of the Ooma employees who drop in on these forums from time to time. Look for a post by Bobby B, Dennis P or ntoy, hit the envelop button below their name (on right side of their posting) and send them some information. They should be able to expedite your service request. Good luck!

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