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#50294 by wildbill
Fri Mar 12, 2010 6:13 pm
Hey has anyone else noticed your voicemail messages in some have the wrong time stamp, date is off by one day and playing the wrong message when clicking on old messages in the inbox or trash?..

Voicemail messages I get like today shows it was left yesterday in the inbox and trash and notice one trashed VM msg that played a VM from another caller that left a mesg for me several days ago. I figure the my.ooma site is still in beta testing but thought I would post this out here to let ooma know that my.ooma is still kind of buggie.

Sometimes I will look in the inbox and it only shows 2 voicemails in the inbox when I have 5. as I go from page to page the inbox will show all mesgs but trying again will only show 2 voicemails.

Also when placing phone numbers in my personal blacklist from the call log will only flag outgoing calls as blocked no red flag for the same inbound numbers and when I try to flag a inbound phone number for my personal blacklist it won't add it to the list. I had to flag an outgoing call with the same phone number.

Im using a telo console.

#50340 by wildbill
Sat Mar 13, 2010 11:58 am

I notice when I login to my.ooma acct it only shows 1 voicemail but if I click on the inbox link I see all messages so it seems this bug only shows up when you first login. so far time stamps are correct in the inbox and trash. will update later.

#50852 by Marshall
Fri Mar 19, 2010 3:20 pm
I'm experiencing numerous problems moving/deleting/playing back voicemails using the myooma web interface.

1) Often when I click the checkbox next to a message, then use the drop down menu to move it into another mailbox, it disappears then reappears in the inbox after a few seconds. Then I have to physically drag it into the other maibox to make it stay, though it will sometimes not work either.
2) Often, as I'm reviewing message by clicking on them in the myooma inbox, it will play another message instead. This may be happening after I've moved messages into other mailboxes.
3) The list of messages often gets out of sync after I've moved or deleted messages in the window. This is probably why #2 (and maybe #1) above happens, as the message list displayed is out of sync with the actual list.

These problems make the web interface to voicemail pretty useless for anything but listening to a few messages. Organizing messages with this interface is impossible right now. Ooma - is this being worked on?

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