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#49142 by Dragnet
Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:00 pm
Whenever I receive a phone call from an anonymous or a restricted phone (phone number disabled on caller id), my Telo drops the call.

I started experiencing this problem on 2/22/2010 in the afternoon. All incoming calls on both of my OOMA numbers are being dropped. I called OOMA support today, and they performed some tests. It appears that only Restricted or anonymous calls are being dropped. This happens even when the blacklists are disabled. I was told by OOMA support to reset my box.

I reset the box by disconnecting power. I reapplied power after one hour. The next day I tried the call again (from a restricted/unavailable phone) and got the same results. In my call log it appears like a 2 second inbound call. What I hear is 2 rings, followed by silence, and finally the call ends. In checking the call log, I see other restricted unavailable calls, but they appear as missed calls. When I disable caller id from my cell (by dialing *67 before the call), I see anonymous anonymous in the call log. As before, I hear 2 rings and then the call is dropped. I listened to my Telo when this happens, and it sounds like a single click of a relay when the call is dropped.

By the way, I have 3 Telos, and this particular Telo is the only one affected. I think that I will make arrangements with OOMA to exchange this one. Before I exchange it, does any tech know what's going on with this box?
#49143 by murphy
Tue Mar 02, 2010 3:56 am
Do you have the account for that Telo configured to block anonymous calls?
It's not part of blacklisting.
#49230 by Dragnet
Tue Mar 02, 2010 8:34 pm
I found the problem. This Telo was connected to a fax line. Although I have no blacklists or blocked lists, the fax machine was setup to block anonymous calls. The fax machine is programed for distinctive ring. However, even with distinctive ring, it rejected all anonymous calls, regardless of the ring type. I reprogrammed the fax machine to accept all calls, so now everything is working fine. Thanks to all.
#54311 by richalger
Thu Apr 29, 2010 5:49 pm
My wife has reported that occasionally we get a phone call and it disconnects after a couple seconds and no one is on the other side. Today (4/29/2010 15:42) we got a call that showed up in the log as "Restricted" number and "Unavailable" Caller-ID name. It only has 2 seconds of duration.

No one we know has told us they cannot get to us lately. I would really like these annoying calls to stop.

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