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#47777 by doug
Fri Feb 19, 2010 8:30 am
I thought that originally, on the old lounge web pages, in order for call forwarding options to take effect for the premiere secondary number, I had to login using that number and set my choice.
In tests now, no matter which number I use to login, it affects both numbers.

I'd like to be able to set multi-ring on my primary number, and call forward all to a different phone on the secondary number. But I can't seem to do that in tests.

Is this by design? Any way to get the old behavior?

Actually, I'm not the one who wants to do it. I have a friend who I have talked into a Telo but I think we need separate call forwarding options to make it work right for him. Here is the scenario:

- Existing home line with second "distinctive ring" number as his fax line
- Wants to port both numbers so his fax number does not change either
- After the ports are complete, wants to "call forward all" the fax number to an email gateway

In other words, ultimately he'd like to use a fax to email service for incoming faxes but can't find any which allow porting a number. So I suggested using the premiere secondary number, port the fax number to it, then "call forward all" to send them to the email gateway.

However, in my tests, if I change my secondary number to call forward all it also changes my primary number and vice-versa.

So does anyone know of a fax to email gateway that does allow port forwarding? Or if not, how I can set "call forward all" on only a secondary number and still have multi-ring to a different phone on the primary phone number?

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