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#47211 by Tawkizcheep
Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:52 pm
I have a small issue with the "Contacts Actions" and the "Add to Blacklist" features in the Call Logs section.
If I LEFT CLICK on the "Add to Blacklist" icon, it freezes up the program. But I can right click on it, click on "OPEN" or "OPEN IN NEW WINDOW" and add it there... not really a big deal. As far as the "Contacts Actions" option goes, if I left click on the icon, I get the drop down with the option to "ADD TO CONTACTS" or "ADD TO EXISTING CONTACTS," but left clicking on them freezes up, and when I right click to "OPEN" I get the same page that I'm on (the Call Logs Page) or "OPEN IN NEW WINDOW" gives me a duplicate Call Logs Page. I also noticed that when I run the cursor over those options, the URL in the lower left corner is I believe there is something missing in that address, and that address just brings me back to the same page (the Call Logs page) Can anyone confirm this? All other options work fine.
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