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800 Service

Post by aviatorden » Fri Feb 12, 2010 10:08 am

Ever since I ported my number over, I keep getting calls from 1-800 Service. Nobody answers when you pick up the phone. I have blocked several numbers and they keep coming back. This is getting to be a nuisance.

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Re: 800 Service

Post by amoney » Fri Feb 12, 2010 4:53 pm

I never gave it much thought, but I did notice the seemingly same 800 Service calls (recently), I remember other recent threads noting it aswell.

Recently it appears the calls have stopped on their own. And as I am writing this I just realized that I did answer and simply told the solicitor (I immediately inerrupted them from saying anything) to please remove me from their call list. They quickly acknowledge my request and read from a script to confirm my request and that it may take a few days to be removed. But it did happen and the calls stopped.

I think the 800 Service is a new call advertisment that is linked to some other account that allows them to by pass the gov do not call list.

Sometimes its good to just answer the call and request to be removed when it is a valid company that does obey* the rules, when it works it has a bigger impact becuase you get added to their specific database that feeds other possible solicitations.

On a side note, I had purchased those miricale blade knives (they really can do as the advertisment says), anyways I get a followup solicitation call 6mo later for other crap. Something about I won a $100 certificate or something for just trying a new product, but after the trial period, I am automatically enrolled in a monthly charged, blah blah blah you known the drill. So anyways the funy point of this story is that I am drunk and in a good mood, so I answer this call finally that has been calling for over a month. I am drunk and just keep the operator on the line talking about random stuff. The humor is the operator can not disconnect the customer, I continue on not interested in the trial just send me what I won. So we keep going around and round, and other humor. It was a good time. So next time, have a good laugh and have some fun. I did.
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Re: 800 Service

Post by murphy » Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:59 pm

Not all "800 Service" calls are solicitors.
Calls from the service department at my car dealership are identified that way.
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