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#45610 by amoney
Sat Feb 06, 2010 10:33 am
NB2A wrote:
amoney wrote:How would they have gotten your cell number to begin with???

I am not commenting about the OP but I was curious about your question

Do you realize how many people you call assume the number you are calling from is your own primary number? :o

Actually, no. You do bring up an interesting point though (understood). I am very logic driven, I have 2 cells, a home phone, work line, 3 email addresses. And I consider myself laying low (dont participate in social networking sites). In my life experience, you never assume anything. Heck when ever I or anyone else get contact info, there are at least 2 numbers if not more to reach someone. I truly do miss the days of a "single" contact number. :D

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