Can't receive incoming calls

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Can't receive incoming calls

Post by sammy_060505 » Wed Jan 20, 2010 6:57 pm

I have had my Ooma for about three weeks now, and everything was working fine until I installed a new wireless router. Now, I can make outgoing calls, but can not receive incoming calls through the phone that is hooked up to the Ooma device (I have a different phone hooked up to only the landline that works fine). When I try to call my number from my cell, it seems as if the call is being completed (the cell rings continuously and never goes to voicemail), but it doesn't ring in my home. I am a little frustrated because I have checked all of the wiring to make sure it is done correctly; I have unplugged all of my devices, waited 30 seconds, and plugged them back in; and, I have made sure that the "Do Not Disturb" button on my Ooma is not turned on. All of my outgoing calls show up on my Ooma account, so I know that something is working, but none of my incoming calls show up (which seems reasonable considering the Ooma doesn't ring). I don't think the problem is my new router either, because if that was the problem I wouldn't be able to make outgoing calls either.

There seems to be little help for troubleshooting this problem, and when I called Customer Service I was placed on hold only to find out 20 minutes later that the Customer Service Hours had already past. You would think that they would have a message saying that I needed to call back during regular business hours instead of placing me on hold.

I am really hoping that once my number is ported these problems will go away. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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Re: Can't receive incoming calls

Post by Groundhound » Wed Jan 20, 2010 8:33 pm

Is your Ooma (Telo or Hub?) connected behind your router?

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