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#42787 by sbrinsfi
Wed Jan 20, 2010 5:33 pm
amoney wrote:
sbrinsfi wrote:I am furious.

Follow me here.

I purchased a Telo on Friday Jan. 15th and activated. One day later the Telo no longer powers up. I return it to Best Buy and exchange it for another Telo and activate. One day later it no longer powers up. I return it to Best Buy and this time,(thinking there is a problem with Telo's), exchange it for an ooma hub. I activate and all is well.

Knowing that I now have 3 active accounts, I call ooma support and open a ticket asking for them to cancel my previous two Telo devices. Guess what, they cancelled my active ooma hub and did not cancel the Telo's.

I now have no phone service and the best customer support can give me is that I can expect a call back in 24 to 48 hours. Funny, this is the same thing they told me when they were to cancel the first two accounts. That they would call me back, but no call and now I have no phone service.

Funny thing, I asked the CS rep what number they had for my call back and it was the number they had cancelled! How was that supposed to work?

Anyway, ridiculous that this happened. A mistake on their part and it takes 48 hours to reactivate a device that I activated online in less than 5 minutes?

The device is great. Works well, but if a company cannot support their product then what is the point. I am now considering the return of this hub and will probably just stay with Vonage.

I am furious!


Perhaps a recommendation for other people who have a similar issue, that when they activate a replacement device that they call customer service instead and explain the situation, customer service should then on the spot move the account to the new device and verify call functionality. Just as the question posed regarding original HUB users upgrading to the new Telo, the account info is transferred to the new device (or simply customer service updates the new device MAC id).

Understand that I did follow directions after purchasing the second Telo. I called CS and asked them to move the service to the new Telo unit. They told me that the correct procedure was to activate the new unit and then to call back at a later time to cancel the previous device. This information going against what the activation site explains as a procedure.

To update the current state, ntoy could not have been more responsive and I cannot be happier with the way he took action and resolved my issues. I am already reactivated.

Thank you ntoy!
#42826 by amoney
Wed Jan 20, 2010 8:50 pm

Just to clarify I was not meaning to point the finger at you. I should have made a note, always shuda coulda...

Anyways, yeah that was bad for CS to do it that way especially going against what was posted for HUB owners wanting to get a new Telo, that their account needs to be moved over.

And, your just doing as CS says.

Glad things finally got resolved for you.
#43746 by soke2001
Mon Jan 25, 2010 1:34 pm
Man, I wish Ooma CS was better. In my case, I purchased my equipment at Costco. Intallations was a breeze and my service was up and running in no time. I signed up for a full year of Premium subscription for $99.00 + free porting.

My account shows my service level to be "Premier, Free Trial". It also states that my subscription begins in 56 days.

These are the issues:

1: After calling CS. A rep told me there was no such thing as a 1 years subcription to ooma + free porting for $99.00. When I told her that the webpage currently shows that offer she said their IT deparment had forgotten to update the wepage with the new pricing and that the correct amount was $119.99. She refused to offer the price advertised ON HER WEBPAGE.

2: I tried to add a "International Bundle" to my account. The Rep said I couldn't because my Premium level was only in trial period. I told her I had already signed up for 1year of Premium service and she said I had to wait 60 days until my trial period ended to become ilegible for the Internationa Bundle service. Even after the fact that she can see that I requested to be signed up for a full year of service. Upon this, she "manually" added the International Bundle to my account. The problem is I can't see this international bundle on "MY OOMA". She said in order for me to see it I had to re-boot my ooma hardware.

When I got home I rebooted my equipment (Which made no sense), and my account funds didn't show the International Bundle. I called CS again and the CS rep said she could see it in my account and asked me to wait at least 24 hrs for the system to re-set. One week later, I still show no International bundle.

So here I am, waiting for my trial period (60 days) to expire so my non-trial premium level can kick in. In the meantime, I'm afraid to call International for fear of getting charged more than I have to and then not to be able to resolve this over the phone.

It is very frustrating. I tried sening emails instead of calling, but none of my emails have been replied to. Does anybody have any ideas of what I should do?

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