When does Forward on Network Failure go Basic

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When does Forward on Network Failure go Basic

Post by byersthja » Mon Dec 21, 2009 6:59 am

Late last month Ooma announced that the Forward on Network Failure feature would be moved from a Premier feature to a Basic feature. The following was posted by Ooma COO Rich Buchanan in the dslreports.com VoIP forum.

I'm glad you guys are having such a great debate, and it's funny to watch "experts" comment without knowing any details. The reality is sales are soft across all aspects of the economy, and no they aren't what we projected a year ago, but it anything but a panic. Our black Friday sales are still ongoing and going very well. Best Buy will set their all time record this week as will others.

The weird-o speculation is on feature set moves that we continue to make in response to our customers input. I think this is what most consumers want in their phone company. When is the last time AT&T changed anything because their users had requested a change?

Yes we are moving failure on outage to basic, it was most vigorously debated right here on DSL Reports. Hardly because not enough people are taking Premier - that just doesn't even make sense.

We added basic voicemail back because you asked for it.

We're looking at a-la-carte CNAM now because you asked for it.

I'll continue to ask what you think and what features you'd like to have because I care, and I am trying to build a company that listens. I have to do it profitably to stay in business, but when I can, we will respond to your input and wishes. I can't make everything free, rationaly you have to understand that, because I don't have a steady $20-35/customer per month coming into the company.

But hey, keep up the debate, it's good for me to know what's on your mind!


Does anyone know when the Forward on Network Failure feature will actually be available to Basic subscribers. I am in the process of porting my number to Ooma, and it would be nice to have this feature available after my landline is dropped. I thought about subscribing to Premier and getting the free port, but I just didn't think I would use any of the added features.

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