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#36873 by Joshua
Fri Dec 11, 2009 10:05 pm
I finally got the handsets that I'd ordered about a month ago from Ooma. set one up, noticed it had a GUI menu. Did an software update & the nice GUI are gone. Also the display contrast adjustment is gone as well so I am stuck with an overly contrasted display from my pre-software update adjustment, the display kind of looks like my sons Elmo play phone. Now the phone REALLY look both cheesy outside & inside... :P

Granted this handset is not Bang and Olfenson but simplicity doesn't always equal to elegance. Have some pride.

Also I entered bunch contacts (Beta) in My Ooma and none are showing up in the handset's contact list. This must be a bug.. or what would be the point of the data entry function under My Ooma?

There is a persistent faint humming background noise, I have no other cordless or landline phone within the house. Only one Telo handset registered to the base. Any idea on how to get rid of this?

I read there are MP3 ring tone for the handset, when is it going to happen?
#36889 by murphy
Sat Dec 12, 2009 4:34 am
The original reason for the contacts list on my.ooma is to provide a substitute caller ID name when an incoming call matches on the phone number. In the case of the original hub, this is all it will ever be.

Linking the contacts list in the handset with the list on my.ooma will probably happen in the future. It's low priority, IMHO, until the multiple handset bugs are squashed.

Contrast control will also probably return in the future.

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