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#33497 by acciaigf
Mon Nov 16, 2009 10:14 am
Per the Telo handset instructions - the "" page is up, and while the current FW doesn't integrate this with the actual handset (yet - Hoping that makes it into the Dec update!).. Anyways, you can enter contact info now, and indeed this info is used in call logs (would be nice if it made it into the subject line of MP3 voice mail attachments!)...

Anways, on to my problem - In my fevor to get contacts entered, I noticed that the "delete" icon for deleting a second number associated with a contact doesn't/didn't work - Not a biggie, new software, that's OK.. BUT.. I cleared the phone number out to be a blank field for a contact, and saved.. That was a mistake, now when I go to the "" page, I get a SERVER side error, and can't get to ANY contact info to straighten this out.. Clearly something on the server side DB isn't expecting a null in one of these "phone number fields", and is throwing an exception....

1) Can someone fix my personal contact(s) with the null field (feel free to delete them all, I don't have many entered yet)
2) Fix the "contacts" page server side form to either tolerate nulls, or block them from being saved...

Despite all the "noise" about the handset rollout, I'm generally very pleased with the handset (need to to more range tests), and the "instant second line" stuff is just amazing how smoothly that works.. Two lines for $10/month - Man, that's hard to beat!

Anyways, hope OOMA gets the contact integration stuff done with the Telo Handsets when they release the 2nd handset support, and then on to GV integration... Hang in there OOMA developers, and keep cleaning up those telo release bugs, I'm definitely seeing improvements since the initial Telo release!
#33541 by Bobby B
Mon Nov 16, 2009 3:31 pm
Sorry about that contact saving issue - the release on is missing many fixes. For now, we've disabled the page until we get a more stable release out (which should be early next week).

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