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#31039 by kenmizell
Tue Nov 03, 2009 10:11 pm
I just completed the online portion of the setup for my new Ooma Hub (I have a scout that came with it but setup didnt ask about that yet). In the setup I was told that I would need to go to My Ooma and purchase an "Add On" in order to start the number porting process with my existing phone number.

So I went to My Ooma, created an account, logged in, clicked on the "Add Ons" tab and the tab is blank. no contents... nothing to purchase... just blank. So I poke around a bit and figure, maybe I can't buy the add on because I havent put in credit card info yet (which would be backwards from most internet sites where you purchase, only requiring the card info in the final step before confirming a purchase... but whatever)... So I go to the "Account" tab and click on "Billing Information" and put in my CC info and hit submit....

I get:
Please check out following fields

■[0] System Could Not Complete Your Request - Please Re-Try Or Contact Support.
I'm a little leary about pluging this thing in if I can't order the number porting.. and I don't necessarily want to unplug my existing (working) land line until after the porting is complete (3-4 weeks from ???? since I cant purchase the add on and start the process).

I scoured the forum and don't see anyone else having this issue... is this just me?

#31049 by kenmizell
Tue Nov 03, 2009 10:26 pm
... So I may have figured it out...

The My Ooma "Add Ons" section was still blank... but I was able to go to the "Account" tab and when I clicked on a link to "Subscribe" to the primier service I was taken to a page ( ) which had a link in its text describing the porting of a number and had "To start a number port click here" ( )

Note that when viewing the details for the primier package and the details for the number porting that the user appears to be on the "Add Ons" tab, however clicking directly on the "Add Ons" tab yeilds no menu to select the differing "add ons" one might like to purchase.

If anyone from Ooma want's to hire a software QA team I have one available. Maybe we could help you identify missing links and navigation before you turn your site live to customers. If you're interested, look me up at I'm the Director of QA and support and we have an excellent team of testers ready to go if you want help.

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