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#27866 by EJB
Tue Oct 20, 2009 3:00 pm
We're considering Ooma, but I'm not sure whether we should get the Hub and Scout or the Telo model.

Yes, I've looked at the "Compare" page on the main site, but it just lists a few more features for the Telo and doesn't give any info on why those features might be important. :?

Here are those features that come with the Telo model and my questions on each, if anyone knows the answers.

Online phonebook: Is this an extremely useful feature?

Ooma HD Voice ready: I have no idea what this is or why I would need it, unless the current voice quality is subpar (which isn't what most people have said).

Supports Ooma Telo Handsets: This one I don't think I care about at all, since I'd never pay $50 or so for a phone with a single handset.

USB port for future expansion: Expansion to what?

Costco is showing a $10 price difference between the Hub/Scout and Telo, BUT they're also giving a $50 international calling credit and 6 months of Premier service with the latter. That seems like a good deal UNLESS the Telo is so much better from the start and I'm likely to want to upgrade to it pretty soon (assuming I went with the Hub/Scout now).

In your opinion, am I better off getting the Hub+Scout or the Telo?

Thanks in advance!
#27893 by bw1
Tue Oct 20, 2009 4:22 pm
The online phone book is not available yet. I don't know if it will only be available for the Telo or not.

The HD voice is only available for Telo handset to handset calls, or possibly to other VoIP phones using the G.722 codec. Supposedly, this will allow for a much clearer conversation as the G.722 codec samples at a much larger frequency range.

The expansion is supposed to be for Bluetooth. Anything else hasn't been announced.

Are you going to want to subscribe to Premier?

Do you want to integrate a landline?

Some other differences:
With the Hub/Scout, you'll get basic voicemail and caller id name without having Premier.

Also, there is no regulatory recovery fee with the Hub/Scout, that there is with the Telo. The RRF is $11.75 per year after the first year.

The Telo has the potential for future upgrades that won't be available for the Hub. We'll have to wait and see what those are.
#27961 by EJB
Tue Oct 20, 2009 8:51 pm
Thanks, BW1; that's very helpful info!

Based on your descriptions and the deal, I decided to get the Hub/Scout package from Costco while it was still available. Worst case, I can return it if it doesn't suit our needs, but based on the reviews, it should do fine. Hopefully I can convince the good people at Ooma to exchange the $50 international calling credit for porting our number so we don't have to get a new number. Now all we need is a relatively inexpensive phone system that works well (it looks like a lot of them are as bad as the Vonage phones w/ dying batteries we have now)!

While 6 months of premier service comes with the package, I don't think we'll continue with it after the trial period ends. We're with Vonage now and the goal is to get rid of the phone bill so we break even ASAP; obviously spending the $10 or so monthly on Premier (vs. the $20 for Vonage) would hinder our progress on that significantly.

Plus--and again, perhaps it's just the new site's shortcomings/major lack of great info--I can't see how the extra Premier features would be that advantageous to us. I do understand them better than the Telo's features, but the only features we really use now is voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and the online call log/list. I have used Vonage's call forwarding in the past, but having that one feature isn't worth $10/month to me, and we have no use for something like a second line right now. Maybe our needs will change in time, but at this point they're pretty simple and saving money is our primary concern.

Anyway, thank you very much for your help once again, and I look forward to checking out our new system!
#27963 by southsound
Tue Oct 20, 2009 8:55 pm
EJB, congratulations on your new purchase. I tend to agree with your reasoning and I have both the hub/scout and a new Telo. If you are going to get a new number from ooma instead of porting your existing number, consider getting a new Google Voice number and using it as a front end for your ooma. We have done that to provice some neat features that are free with GV - like the ability to use one number for all our phones - cell, landline, ooma, etc. You can check it out at Google and if you need an invite, I can send you one. :cool:
#27965 by Groundhound
Tue Oct 20, 2009 9:13 pm
One potential area of confusion to come with voicemail becoming a Premier-only feature on Telo but remain as before on the hub/scout is the VM features that are included on the hub core once Premier expires. On the old website Ooma clearly defined what VM features were included in Premier and what were not. On the new website they don't draw a distinction between VM with and without Premier. IIRC, features like call screening and email notification will drop off the hub once Premier expires. I don't recall the full list, perhaps someone else with better knowledge of the difference will chime in.
#27986 by bw1
Tue Oct 20, 2009 11:43 pm
As far as I can tell, this web page has the info:

The voicemail won't include call screening or forwarding to email without Premier, but it does include notifications to email or text.

Also anonymous call block is part of Core, but it's listed as a Premier feature on that page.
#28023 by dsegel
Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:39 am
Other features of Premier that aren't mentioned as often but are very important to some people are multi-ring (similar to what Google Voice offers for free) and Back-up Number, where they forward calls to a different number if your internet connection goes down. Those are both very useful.

FWIW, I tried Google Voice for a week but couldn't put up with the delay - it was like talking over a satellite connection. Both parties would start talking, then hear the other person, then both stop, then try to start was awful.

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