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#13688 by patvad
Tue Jul 21, 2009 3:25 pm
Hi All!

Currently, when we log in to the Lounge and work our way over to the Premier Preferences/Privacy tab and then enable the Personal Blacklist, we are allowed two choices for "Callers on my personal blacklist should get:"

1. Send to Voicemail
2. Call Blocked Message

Some nuisance callers are rather persistent. We don't want them making it into our Voicemail box and we sometimes probably don't want them to know we've "Blacklisted" them with a "The person you're calling has blocked your number, goodbye". This will encourage them to try and find another way to contact us or find a work-around.

My suggestion would be a third option to the "Callers on my personal blacklist should get:" setting. This third selection would be a simple, low-amplitude (quiet) click or perhaps a very short beep or tone or better yet, silence. This way, they may think that their robo-dialer has a glitch or they have a bad number. This might lead to them deleting your number as a "dead" number?

It is my understanding that some robodialers have "voice or answering machine detection" and if they hear you or your voicemail answer they will know they have a good number. My fear is the "The person you're calling has blocked your number, goodbye" currently played will trip the "good number detection" of the robodialer, whereas a simple click or silence will make them think they have a problem with their robodialer.

Anyone have thoughts on this? Should this be proposed to Ooma? Can anyone see a detractor from a "send to silence" choice for the Blacklist option?

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