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#102753 by LHuisingh
Fri Nov 02, 2012 2:11 pm
I just got done chatting with support and they suggested I logon to the forums and make enhancement requests here. I hope this forum is read by Ooma staff (I am a new Ooma user).

I noticed that on my Voicemail Inbox only the caller's phone number is displayed for numbers not in my Contacts list. If the number is in my Contacts that info is displayed which is great. However, I noticed that in the Call Log the Enhanced Caller ID is displayed as a "Name" column in addition to the phone number. I would like this same information shown on the Voicemail Inbox. It is very helpful if the caller is not in your Contacts list.

I also noticed an inconsistency in terms on the Voicemail Inbox page. You can mark a voicemail message as "heard" and when it is complete it says the message is marked as "Read". There is also the same issue between marking something as "New" and it is confirmed as "Unread". It's a nit-picky thing on my part but I think the same terms should be used. I also noticed that when you make these changes from the buttons above the list it displays the confirmation of the action but when you use the button for the indivdual message it does not display a confirmation. Just some small details but to me (a software developer) they really stand out.



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