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#96792 by MitchP
Thu Jun 07, 2012 9:43 am
I have a bluetooth headset which works well. Before the call I dial *15 which diverts the call to my bluetooth headset. Trouble is, I cannot "program" the contact list in the phone directory to dial the *15 prefix. So instead of "speedialing" a number, I have to manually input *15 and then manually input the number, which is a pain.
Why should this be a problem? If one enters *15 5551212 in the phone directory, why shouldn't the phone dial that number automatically if it works when in manually dial *15551212?
Am I doing something work when entering the number in the directory, or is it something about the way the directory processes an autodial request.

Either way, Ooma should add this feature. It will sell a lot more bluetooth adapters.
#97937 by sinoue
Wed Jul 18, 2012 11:56 am
I've not configured Bluetooth so I read your request with amazement that this wasn't flagged as an issue when they added the feature (I would hope Ooma did some user testing on the actual functionality and flag workflow issues like yours).

Do you think Ooma mobile would let you use your bluetooth headset thru your cell phone? Ooma Premier gives 250 minutes free month before they start charging 2 cents a minute.

I hope Ooma product management is reading these posts and responds to your reasonable workflow issue.

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