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#96236 by PTS
Thu May 24, 2012 2:44 pm
Firefox extension developers often recommend what Morac is suggesting in order to debug a problem, that is create a new 'clean' Firefox profile. Adfter a new profile is created do not yet install and extensions or add-ons. Test your problem,does it occur?

If not then install one extension and test, repeat this step until you duplicate the problem.

To copy your data from the old profile to the new one copy those file with the .sqlite extension, copy one at a time testing between each copy operation.
#96302 by Cut-Throat
Fri May 25, 2012 1:01 pm
Well, the problem seems to have resolved itself somewhat!.....Anyway it seems fixed!

I got on my laptop this afternoon, and I started up Firefox and all of my Tabs disappeared, for some unknown reason. So, I painstakingly created them 1 by 1 until the 12 tabs I open, were back as my 'home page' in Firefox. I re-started my browser a few times to make sure the 12 tabs would all come at start up time. I noticed when I did this that my Ooma page came up without having me login.

This was probably akin to starting Firefox with a 'New Profile' as some had suggested here. Since I have all of computers 'Synched' up in Firefox, I went to my Desktop and now it also brings up the Ooma Page without having me login. So my problem has been corrected, and I will write it off to a semi-mystery of Firefox.

I have no Fricken Idea of what caused my problem or how it was solved, but I'll take it!

Thanks everyone for your help!

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