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#88434 by joe123
Sat Oct 15, 2011 2:48 pm
Hi. I am new Ooma Telo user who is considering going with the Premier service only for the Blacklist option.

I currently have a setup on my landline to remove telemarketers and I like to get rid of my setup in favor of only using Ooma Blacklist.

I read some posts here and I need clarification please. Is there a way to specify wildcard blacklist phone numbers? For example to block all calls that start with 888, like block anything that matches 888-***-**** ?

Telemarkerters use blocks of numbers that change consitantly and it would unrealistic and basically impossible to blacklist every single number. I also get lots of 000-000-xxxx calls which would be unrealistic for me to try to enter all those numbers. Again, a simple wildcard option to blacklist all 000-***-**** calls would take care of this.

I currently use PhoneTray which let's me specify wildcards for both numbers and names, so I can block all 888-***-**** numbers with PhoneTray, BUT I have to keep my computer running all day in order to have PhoneTray work and I am trying to get away from this.
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#88483 by joe123
Sat Oct 15, 2011 3:19 pm
murphy wrote:Wildcards are not supported.


I was playing around with the Blacklist options, and I can enter something like 888-***-**** and it takes it. It even shows the number as just 888 but I don't think it works.

This is not hard to implement, so I am guessing that there must be some legal strong arm from above making it hard/impossible to block telemarketers by wildcard options.

Anyone here with insider knowledge care to comment if this is true or not?
#88770 by m_larker
Tue Oct 25, 2011 5:49 am
This feature would be the single best enhancement to Ooma. I am not sure they understand how useful this would be. (When I called support, I had to explain what a wildcard was; it must not translate well.) I asked that this be put on a future enhancement list. I used to be able to use wildcards in a little standalone device from Privacy Corps that let me block by area code and exchange. But it died and they don't manufacture any more. Very useful as my elderly father gets calls from scammers in south Florida that often change numbers and company names. They pretend to use the government do not call list and just keep calling. Contacting the Fla Atty General or reporting them to the feds has done no good for the last three years. Blocking calls is the sole reason why I got Ooma and I will keep it as long as the current blacklist feature works, but Ooma would sell huge numbers of this product if they would make improvements to logging and blocking. Wildcards would be a huge improvement. Think of all the (202) calls you can block with the upcoming elections.

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