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#88002 by Greg4ooma
Wed Oct 05, 2011 1:38 pm
I found out all these yesterday morning. Wrong Mac Address, Wrong Warranty information, Wrong Pin #.
Voicemail had pin #. Every time I would sign off, and back in, i had different information in my profile.

Seems back to normal today.

thunderbird wrote:My Ooma Problems:
My 911 notifications at had someone else's E-mail addresses listed. I had to delete the other E-mail addresses and enter my E-mail address serveral times before the change took. I don't know if the change will stay.

My ten digit calling at is unchecked and after adding the Check Mark in the box, won't Save.

My Ooma remains logged in. I just click on My Ooma, and it opens without a password. I have cleared the browser's cookies, and there is no change.

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