Canceled Service and no refund

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Re: Canceled Service and no refund

Post by DawnW » Sat Oct 29, 2011 3:51 am

That is great.

I don't know what deal you got at but I can tell you that I am pretty sure my first telo was defective from the start. I had to call all the time to restart it and it never let me get messages by touching it without it going completely wonky. I had to call through my handset for messages.

Then it just died completely after 22 months of use (and issues!)

But I bought it from Costco and they replaced it for free.

So, any of the rest of you needing to buy, I STRONGLY recommend buying from a Costco.

My new telo works MUCH better.

I have never actually used Costco's return policy after this long of a time, but it is a comfort to know it is there when I needed it finally (after being a Costco member for 18 years.)

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