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#74519 by Morac
Sat Feb 05, 2011 4:11 pm
I just bought an Ooma and decided to hook it up and try it out to decide if it was "safe" to port my landline number over or not. Well in less than an hour of testing it I found a number of problems. The most annoying one is that there is a problem with accessing Voice Mail via the My Ooma page. Basically it doesn't work. I can load the voice mail page and my voice mails usually show up (some go missing at times), but I can't play any. Attempting to do so results in a "Service temporarily unavailable. Please try again." error message. I also tried downloading them, but that brought me to a "We're sorry, there was a problem processing the page." error page. I also sometimes get random errors trying to delete or restore voice mails or empty the trash on the web site. One voice mail was impossible to restore, but I finally managed to permanently delete it. Things like marking voice mail messages heard and unheard work though. I also tried the mobile web page on my iPhone and tapping "Play" brings up a blank page. I can listen to voice mail via the Telo and forwarding to email works.

I called support and the person could reproduce it, but only after I gave him my account password to do it (which I changed to make it easier to read it to him). I would think that they would be able to access my account without my password, but I guess a call center in India doesn't have access to that info. Anyway he opened a trouble ticket with the "web group" and I changed my password back again (which means they can't test the fix I guess).

Considering I'm a new customer, I haven't had a very good experience so far and it's not instilling a lot of confidence in me that porting my number from Comcast is a good idea. Comcast's voice mail access works and it knows when my modem is offline and calls go directly to voicemail in the case. Unlike the Ooma service which appears to take 30 minutes to recognize the Ooma Telo is offline. Until it does, callers get a busy signal when calling, even with "multi-ring" enabled. I don't find that acceptable.

Any way, does anyone have any idea how long it takes to fix web site problems that appear to be account related?

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