Calls taken from call waiting shown as missed

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Calls taken from call waiting shown as missed

Post by leob » Fri Jan 21, 2011 11:24 pm

From my call log (in reverse chronological order):

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	Missed call 	  (800) 827-yyyy  	 	Today 08:44 PM 	Missed 	
 	Outbound call 	(800) 669-xxxx         Today 08:44 PM 	12:48 
I called the 669-xxxx number, and soon after there was an incoming call from 827-yyyy that I recognized as valid on the CWCID, took it, and spoke to a representative for a minute or so. After flashing back I was somewhat surprised that the 669-xxxx automated system did not hang up on me, and continued my business there.

It is a bug that the incoming call from 827-yyyy is listed as missed.

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