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#68301 by paul2000
Thu Nov 04, 2010 2:20 pm
Problems with having 2 separate lines with Ooma

Having 2 lines with one as a dedicated line and the other to be able to recieve calls and also work as a Fax line.
Customer Service not explaining what needs to be done in detail.
The necessity of more and more Ooma products to make the service work. (you end up spending a lot more than you plan)
No refund on Number Porting once you port it(I wish I was told about the 2 line issues before the porting process began)

I wanted to try a VoIP phone service to reduce the cost in phone bills. I heard some good things about Ooma's service and decided to try it out.

I purchased the Ooma Telo, Installed the product, and ported one of my numbers so that I was able to keep that existing number. After this process, and speaking with a Ooma Representative, I was having troubles with separating the 2 different lines that I had. I was told I needed to Port both of the numbers in-order for the 2nd line to work without conflicting the 1st number. So I purchased Ooma's Premier service to add another line. Even after I ported both numbers and tested the service to see if it was working, both of the numbers were still conflicting. I contacted the Ooma customer service and told them about this issue I was having, they sounded as if they already knew and this was a commonly occuring problem. They told me I had to purchase another Ooma device (the Ooma Telo Handset) in-order for the service to successfully separate the 2 lines. I was disappointed because I wasn't notified about all the procedures that I had to undergo in order to successfully separate the two lines without any conflict. I asked the representative the whole situation from the beginning of when I addressed the issue, but they failed to inform all the steps I needed to go through to make it work.

The service might be good ONLY if you need 1 line. Once you decide to add another line beware of additional costs that are necessary to allow this.
#68302 by southsound
Thu Nov 04, 2010 2:39 pm

First off, welcome to oooma - and I agree that having two lines with the Telo can present some severe limitations if both lines need to be wired lines.

Some folks have opted for not purchasing Premier but instead, purchasing two Telo systems - one for their fax and the other to drive the other phones in their home. The older "core" system included two pieces - the hub (white) and a smaller device that looked like you washed the hub in hot water called the scout (also white). With these devices, you could easily have what you are looking for. The scout didn't work well for fax and some complained about noise on it, but it was a real two-line solution. I don't know if you will use the additional features of Premier for your voice line - I kind of like them. Things like the ability to take two calls at once (again, requires a Telo handset but is like a two-line hunt group for your main number), blacklisting pesky callers, do not disturb, etc. The best solution for your needs is to probably purchase a second Telo because the actual "core" systems are out of production and you already have the Telo. There are lots of great people here on the forum, maybe some of them will chime in with additional thoughts.

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