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#66956 by Timocrates
Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:54 pm
Have a disturbring frequency of the phones just going dead. Some three times in the last two weeks we've picked up either handset and been unable to hear a dialtone. The fix is to unplug the unit and wait and then restart it. This usually works.

It happens with the handsets in near proximity to the base unit and the router. Any ideas?
#67894 by Timocrates
Sat Oct 30, 2010 10:11 am
I offer an update.

After long and tedious debugging, Ooma agreed something was definitely wrong. They sent me a new hub, and I was grateful.

The new hub presented the same problems; i.e., the Telo handsents were sent offline by incoming voicemail and could only be restored to dialtone by rebooting the hub. We are presently making do by plugging our prior Radio Shack handsets into the hub. That works perfectly, including reporting caller ID and accessing voicemail.

The new working thesis from ooma tech support is that the power supply of the handset is defective, and, presumably, new ones are on the way. However, that would mean two each Telo handset cradles, or power supplies, went dead together after nearly four months of acceptable use.

Ominous note: my son reports a sighting of Ooma packages at Cosco - sans Telo handset! Can this mean Ooma has given up on these buggy devices? Stay tuned.
#67895 by southsound
Sat Oct 30, 2010 10:46 am
Glad things are working for you... but I'd like to offer a suggestion and an encouragement about the handset.

When describing your unit, you don't have a hub. The "hub" is the "official" name for the original white unit that did not use proprietary handsets but instead offered the "scout" as a way to use many of the Premier features. The scout looked like a little hub. The two devices were sold separately or in a package called the "core". Various vendors sold different combinations of these and although discontinued, when available now the financial terms vary with the packaging.

Your device is a Telo (black, newest model) and comes in a variety of configurations as well. It can be had as just a Telo or a package with the handsets, and of course, the handsets are available separately. Costco will often try several different ways of packaging the unit based on their buyer's preference. At one time, the website offered the "core" packaging on the original device while the stores offered a standalone "hub". That is what is happening at Costco now - just their way of promoting the product.

There have been some who have reported battery problems with the Telo handset. Mine have never had a specific problem but others have. In those cases, ooma took care of the problem under warranty. There have also been software issues that have caused some handsets to dischage prematurely. ooma has made some great strides in this area and the new software builds that are automatically "pushed" to your unit address those.

We're glad you found the forum and are now on track to being a happy ooma customer.
#68573 by Timocrates
Mon Nov 08, 2010 9:15 am
This particular problem has been solved, for all intents and purposes. The short version is - a conflict between the two numbers assigned to me. After voicemail, the unit was switching to the original number, and not the one we transferred over from AT&T. At least, this is the report we have from Ooma support, and al seems to be working now.

"King, this case is solved."
- Sergeant Preston, to his miracle sled dog, in the radio shows of my youth.

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