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#66714 by ****
Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:43 am
anyone got the email and tried the Ooma HD demo ?

Sounds kinda weird, like hollow with an over emphasis on 'S' sounds. Not what I expected.
Yes it sounds better in many ways but it also sounds like a highly eq'ed signal.
Some minuses come with the pluses. I wish they would send a kit to replace the sharp
edge on their handsets that dig into your ear instead.

Strange email too. It reads as if to get the service you need to buy a special handset and
not just use the existing Ooma handset you already have. (people don't read email ads like
a legal document they just scan read them ). Then they list (900) #ers for you to call and
check it out. So as soon as you see a 900 #er you think this is a phishing scheme. I had to
call Ooma to verify first before calling which just taxes their customer support. (wonder
how many people are going to misdial and be disappointed or charged for some sex line ? -
can u even be billed for 900's with Ooma ? )
Very odd - someone in marketing needs to be shown the door - too many over qualified folks
looking for work that could replace this amateur act.
#66715 by Davesworld
Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:45 am
PureVoice and HD voice are two different things I thought, but they are lumping them together now.
#66725 by Davesworld
Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:44 am
The demos on the site did not sound bad to me and were fairly representatitive of the difference between the two. Still puzzled as to why Ooma likes to call themselves a phone company when they are a VOIP provider and as such not the first to offer use of the g.722 (HD) voice codec which has been around since the 80's. Even though many have used g.722 in isolated scenarios, they have treated it as a novelty for the simple fact that it cannot be used over the PSTN.

Of course two Telo users can call each other and have hd voice since this bypasses the PSTN. I'm not so sure that a call placed from a telo to me using one of my g.722 capable Audiocodes ATA's would somehow be able to route directly to my sip address rather than over the PSTN. There is lots of buzz about the future of telephony not being PSTN at all but throughout history, most predictions of the future are merely elaborations of current trends. Some come to fruition, some don't. I just wish the PSTN could handle a wider frequency range than it does. Certain letters are much easier to discern using the wider range. The only reason we know the difference using standard voice is the word it is used in. Someone with a very irritating voice may be more so over HD though. :P

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