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#66174 by jthphoto
Tue Oct 05, 2010 12:18 pm
I am a new user to the Ooma Mobile app on my iPhone. I normally get a great signal/call quality from ATT where I live - So Cal. My phone is using my WiFi connection and/or my 3G connection (they are both strong) from home. After two test calls, both parties rated my call quality from Ooma Mobile as 80%+ compared to my ATT call quality. Thus, the crackling call was not sufficient for us to maintain a lengthy call (too irritating to the receiving end). So far, after $9.95 and two tries, I am disappointed with Ooma Mobile.

Some suggestions:
- upgrade call quality for usability - just because someone can hear me doesn't mean it's a good call
- allow voice activated calling via Ooma Mobile (right now, it only goes to ATT). This only promotes unsafe usage for us 'handsfree' states
- allow my cell # to show as caller ID so as to maintain privacy with my Hub # (this also is a way many cell to cell calls are stored and called back when a message is left. If my hub # is used, then the called party will store & call my home/hub #, not my cell #).

This is potentially a great add on to my Ooma system. However, with these shortcomings, I'll have to wait for an upgrade or use this service when my calls "don't matter" if the other person hears a crackled call.

... anticipating an update soon...
#66209 by cmeisel
Tue Oct 05, 2010 6:45 pm
Good luck with waiting for an update soon. Free iPhone apps seem to update their apps monthly sometimes more. But ooma has shown little interest to respond to the many shortcomings of their 1.0 app. It was really ok for a 1.0 release but the long delays to get updates out to customers (for app or telo) are frustrating and will eventually begin to cost ooma customers.
I personally filed a complaint with Apple (lack of support from ooma for the app) and requested a refund.
Until they show better customer focus I will stop recommending Ooma.

#66215 by lbmofo
Tue Oct 05, 2010 7:45 pm
cmeisel wrote:I personally filed a complaint with Apple (lack of support from ooma for the app) and requested a refund.
Until they show better customer focus I will stop recommending Ooma.

Seriously? Is the app not working? It serves its purpose and many are very happy that their prepaid account is now mobile. Not to mention saving oodles of $ when calling home from overseas. It would be nice if Ooma came out with updates with enhancements but complaint with Apple? Come on.
#66271 by cmeisel
Wed Oct 06, 2010 9:02 am
Talking to Ooma CS was useless (they told me that Ooma had nothing to do with the app and to talk to Apple. They sold it to me and it was their responsibility to help me...

Here is the Ooma CS responds:

Dear Claus,

Thank you for contacting Ooma Customer Support. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

Iphone Ooma app is Maintained by Apple and that is where you bought it from.

Don't get me wrong. I really like the concept of Ooma and the technology. But what I don't understand is the implementation. They have too many features that you can't change which is never a good practice. I manage some development teams and the most important thing we hammer into their heads (same with our PM teams) are to listen to customers and to never know best but give users options.
You think it is a good idea to tell me on every international call how much money I have ? Great, put it in. But please allow me to disable it. If Ooma had tested this and let their PM's or developers make international calls several times a day they would have realized how annoying it is if you call too frequently. The same goes for many other features. The more options you add for users to configure it, the better off you are to make everybody happy.
The same goes for release cycles. More frequent releases where users get fixes fast improves customer happiness.
If you wait too long and never really communicate anything you create upset customers.

#66276 by jthphoto
Wed Oct 06, 2010 9:24 am
Unfortunately, there was no 'try before you buy' with O.M. So, for $10, I now get so-so quality with 250 free minutes as a Premium subscriber. Even with the free minutes, I'll likely not hit my quota for a month since the call quality is so poor.

I also agree about the recording telling me minutes/dollars available on my account. Who said I wanted to hear that?
Mine tells me I have over 2,000 minutes. Really? Maybe that is based on my account balance and my free 250/min/mo. I have $49 in my prepaid account - I believe Ooma is assuming that would go towards my mobile calling plan. I thought that would go towards int'l calling and the new option of $4.95/mo/1,000 minutes is the mobile plan.

There are a number of issues like this throughout the Ooma system. Confusing at best. They really need a reorganization of the lounge, app, email notification so they tie in together and are consistent from one view to the next with corresponding information.

I won't return the app, but do wish they had an entry level 'try before you buy' version or price this version of Ooma Mobile at $2.99 - Since it's still in Beta - that way, I would feel a bit compensated for being a test subject.
#66292 by cmeisel
Wed Oct 06, 2010 11:53 am
you can vote by reviewing the app. I can only repeat myself here. I like Ooma but they need to get their act together.
The app is overpriced and it is certainly beta quality at best and whoever designs their UI, configuration page and determines the flow and what options people want/need should be forced to actually use the product and talk to customers.
This product line lacks customer focus. It is development and PM driven with too little customer input.
I give you another example of a not well thought our design.

I like the Telo. It is a really nice piece of hardware and well designed. But then you go and develop this horrible handset. It feels uncomfortable, has a screen quality that is beaten by any $10 phone, has a battery that is the worst cordless phone battery ever and you ship that with the telo.
To make things worst, you take away the scouts. So now if I have two numbers, I can assign one to the telo and one to the unusable handset. Before I had one number to the the Fax (via the scout) and one to the Panasonic station to feed the handsets. Upgraded to the telo and voila, I am screwed. No more ability to have one number for the fax and one for the phones.
When you design a product you usually start by what you currently offer and how important it might be to users. If you don't know, you asked them (survey's, usergroups, etc). It appears somebody did not do their homework. I can't imagine you took this away thinking it would be a great idea.

Please fix this and bring a scout like device back for the Telo. Otherwise having multiple number support is really not available with Ooma anymore.
I know I could hook the fax up to the telo and the number to the ooma phone but the Ooma phone almost caused me to sleep on the couch and was thrown out. Don't get me started on it hanging/freezing, etc.



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