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#65088 by cherie
Mon Sep 20, 2010 9:17 am
Before porting my number over from ATT and setting up a dry loop or direct DSL, I did a LOT of research and read lots of horror stories about being without DSL for weeks. I finally found a great suggestion and tried it myself. It worked WONDERFULLY. I was without DSL for 2 days, but that's only because Ooma's system wasn't working and I didn't get an email about the confirmed port date, so by the time I logged in to check the status myself, the port was only 5 days away and ATT needs a 7-day notice.

Here's what I did.

First of all, I did everything online. Trying to talk to an ATT rep is a waste of time and money.

1. I ordered the number port through Ooma. Ooma will want you to check a box stating you've already ordered the Dryloop (not sure why); go ahead and check the box even though you haven't set it up yet.

2. When I found out the confirmed port date (should have been an automatic email from Ooma, but their system wasn't working, so keep checking status online just in case that happens again).

3. Went online to AT&T ( and signed up for DSL Direct (their term for dryloop). Chose the same activation date as port date. (BONUS...since I was signing up for new service, my DSL cost went down.)

AT&T automatically stopped my old DSL service and landline phone since they were on the same account. New account of Direct DSL should begin on port date.

1. I set my Ooma account to call forward all calls to my cell while this was going on so I wouldn't miss calls.
2. When your DSL is reactivated, you'll have to activate the new account. (According to ATT, this has to be done after 8 PM on the date of service, so don't waste your time trying sooner).
IMPORTANT TIP: If you have a router, you have to log in to it and reset the internet login user name and password in order to get online. ATT left me a voicemail on my Ooma system about what they were. Currently they have it set for new customers to set their routers to New user name: attreg / New password: attreg. Once this is done, you'll be able to access the internet and you'll be taken to their activation site. If you want to keep your old email address, see the next tip.
IMPORTANT TIP: If you want to keep your old ATT or SBCGLOBAL email address (you only have a certain amount of time to claim it), I recommend you contact ATT directly to have them walk you through the activation process and tell them you want to keep your old email address. They quickly walked me through the process of linking the new account to my old email.
3. Once your registration is complete, set your router with your ATT login address and the new password that they provided. You should now be good to go and ready to surf the net.
4. If you've set call forwarding to forward all calls, log back in to your Ooma account and change the setting.

Hope this helps someone and saves others all the time I spent sifting through discussions.
#67344 by Daveg
Fri Oct 22, 2010 9:35 am
This is a welcome and concise summary of what to do - thank you very much. Wish I had found it before wading through all the other discussions.

I've started the process with my DSL+Landline - we'll see how it goes.

One point that I'm concerned about is that if I schedule the porting AND switch to direct/dry DSL to occur on the SAME day, if ATT activates my DSL-only service (which I understand automatically cancels my DSL+Landline service) even a few minutes before the porting is supposed to occur, I could forever lose my old phone number. To be safe, I think I will schedule the DSL-only activation for a day or so after the port date. I will be without Internet service for a day or so, but I would rather have that than lose the phone number.
#70539 by Daveg
Fri Dec 10, 2010 4:48 pm
Here is my experience in porting my ATT number to Ooma and switching my landline from DSL + phone to DSL-only. In summary, ATT botched and delayed the DSL switch which left me without Internet service for 10 days.

Here’s the saga:

Oct. 26 – Made online request for DSL-only “dry loop” service to start on first available date given on the web site, which was confirmed by email to be Oct. 29. Based on that date, I made an online request to Ooma for my ATT number to be ported to Ooma on Oct. 29 (which would also result in cancellation of my DSL-landline account). (I was a little nervous that if the DSL-only service was initiated before the porting was complete that I would lose my phone number, but I decided to go ahead anyway.)

Three hours later, I got another email from ATT informing me that the DSL switch date would instead be 4 days later, Nov. 2. Oh dear. If the porting were to go ahead on Oct. 29 as I had requested of Ooma, this would leave me without Internet or home phone service for 4 days.

Oct. 27 – Called ATT to get an explanation of the postponement of 4 days. I was told the schedule presented on the website was in error, and the date could NOT be moved forward. I then called Ooma to see if the porting of my number could be delayed 4 days so that I would not be without DSL and phone. They advised that once scheduled, it was in ATT’s hands and out of their control, and that changing the date would likely incur a $200 charge from ATT. I resigned myself to 4 days without Internet or phone.

Oct. 29 – My phone number is ported to Ooma as scheduled, and I lose my DSL/landline as expected.

Nov. 2 – ATT does NOT turn on my DSL-only service as promised.

Nov. 3 - An ATT customer service supervisor says that my “telephone provider had put a hold on the order,” the new scheduled service start date was Nov. 11, and that I needed to contact Ooma to straighten it out. This was a flat out lie, and even if true, ATT should have told me before Nov. 2 that the activation date had been delayed. Discussions with Ooma indicated that once the porting is complete, they have nothing else to do with ATT and would have no reason to put a “hold” on the start date of my DSL service.

Based on the Ooma call, I again contacted ATT, got them to submit a change order, and was promised that my DSL service would start later that day. By the end of the day, I still had no DSL service. On a subsequent call, ATT advised that they had no change order, even though I had an order number, and that I must contact “Provisioning” which was closed for the day.

Nov. 4 – Ran out of minutes on my cell phone and couldn’t call ATT. Got a message on my cell from ATT advising me that my service had been activated, which it had not.

Nov. 5 – Several hours on the phone with ATT finally resulted in an admission that they had mistakenly put on the hold for reasons even they couldn’t understand. The hold was released, but service still couldn’t be activated until Nov. 9 at the earliest.

Nov. 8 – One day “ahead” of schedule, my DSL service finally is activated, 10 days after initially promised.

If I had to do this again, I would have waited a day or so after doing the ATT online scheduling of the DSL-only activation date before I went online to Ooma to schedule the porting date. That way, if ATT delayed the activation date a few days, as they initially did with me, I would have known it, scheduled the porting a day before the DSL activation date, and been without DSL for maybe only a day. However, I still would have been screwed because ATT mistakenly put an 8-day activation hold without telling me.

(One additional minor annoyance was getting online access to the new DSL-only account. You need a “registration code” which ATT will not give by email or over the phone. You have to request the code online and wait for it to come by snail mail.)
#71276 by cspike2
Mon Dec 20, 2010 3:29 pm
I have been reading posts about this for a long time, and I can't seem to find the answers I'm looking for. That seems hard to believe with all of the posts about porting. :)
I just got my telo last week, and submitted the port number notice. I have ATT dsl and phone on same line. I haven't set up a dry loop. I was going with the timing method mentioned above. I understand that if I start a new account for direct dsl, my old account will be canceled. Will that happen as soon as I start the new account, or after the official install date? I can't lose my home number, my wife wouldn't be happy. My estimated port date is 12/29, and I was about to go to ATT website to order direct dsl for 12/29 or 12/30.
I chatted with an ATT rep and asked about separating my DSL from my phone. The response was that I could cancel the phone service and the DSL would just continue. That seems like it would result in my losing the number? Again, I can't lose our current home phone good. I'm starting to get a little worried about this. I might just call ATT and ask directly about separating my phone and DSL.
#71285 by lbmofo
Mon Dec 20, 2010 9:57 pm
You won't lose your number. Porting your number over to Ooma (while keeping your AT&T phone line active; don't cancel your phone service with AT&T) will (possibly) result in you losing your DSL service when port completes. Some folks have just taken a "wait & see" approach and did nothing about the "dry loop" while porting progressed. If DSL service gets interrupted, you just call AT&T (after number port is complete) to have them turn DSL back on again (may take a few days; they can do it remotely).
#71299 by cspike2
Tue Dec 21, 2010 6:58 am
I called ATT yesterday to try to get the dry loop dsl installed. After being tossed around a few times, I finally landed with a women who was willing to help. She told me that if I separated the two services right now, some wiring would need to be done on my phone jacks on the inside, and that would cost. She also offered to place an order for the dsl direct, and to schedule the order to be completed on the day after my port is scheduled to initiate. Her system wouldn't allow the order to be placed at this time. She told me that when ATT gets the official request for the porting, and it shows up in their system, then the order can be placed for the dsl direct. That seems straight forward enough, and not too far off from some of the post I've read. My only concern is the comment about ATT requiring a 7 day notice. If my port starts as scheduled, 12/29, then today would be the 7 business day cutoff for that requirement.
Thanks for the response. That makes sense as well, and I don't mind losing my internet as long as it's not 7 days. :) Obviously the ooma won't function, but we don't get many calls on our home phone anyone, just use mobiles. Hope this is worth all the fuss.
#71326 by cspike2
Tue Dec 21, 2010 3:28 pm
Another update.
I just got off the phone with ATT. I received an email from Ooma stating my port date was confirmed. I called ATT to check to see if the formal port request was now visible on my account. Apparently it was. They ordered the direct dsl for me to be started 5 days before my port date, and told me my service will be uninterrupted, using the same login and password I currently use. I have the order number, and the new account number linked to the direct dsl. That seemed way too easy, and didn't progress as I had read here on the forums. I will keep my fingers crossed that everything goes as smoothly as it feels. Perhaps ATT has become familiar with this procedure now, and instead of fighting it, they are going with it. In the end, they get to keep a customer I suppose.
Thanks for all the wonderful posts about this process. A wealth of knowledge.
#71414 by MrMikeL
Wed Dec 22, 2010 8:32 pm
If only I'd known this, I could have avoided a lot of trouble with my Qwest DSL service. My port date was Dec 21 but my DSL switch over was to be Dec 15. But because both of my land lines (4-wire copper = 2 landlines) were in use, the technician that came to my house on Dec 15 said "When is your port date? We'll do it all on that day." Well, that communication never made it to the Central Office because they cut off my DSL on the evening of Dec 15 and no one was able to help me other than to say "Wait until Dec 21".

My solution was simple: ran to the Comcast retail store and initiated cable internet service!

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