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#62588 by lbmofo
Wed Aug 18, 2010 5:39 pm
Hello, didn't your port complete in 2008? Are you trying to port another number in or port out of ooma?
#62589 by FreePhone
Wed Aug 18, 2010 5:41 pm
I had a similar experience, was on hold for 30 minutes only to be told they needed my previous phone bill from the last 30 days, to start the porting process. This after 2 weeks had already gone by after sending them my porting info. None of the porting information said anything about about them needing my bill from the last 30 days, only that they needed a copy of my bill. I had sent them the only one I could find at the time, which was 5 months old. So now I have to wait even longer for my number port.

Yes the customer service sucks, but I would still recommend Ooma. I am sure their customer service will improve as they grow. Besides, who doesn't like free phone service in this economy? If you want to keep paying high monthly fees, you can get great customer service. For the moment I am willing to put up with Ooma's customer service as long as my Ooma line continues to work and I don't have a phone bill.
#62592 by lbmofo
Wed Aug 18, 2010 5:44 pm
FreePhone wrote:If you want to keep paying high monthly fees, you can get great customer service.

Not true with Verizon. You pay a lot of $ every month and still CS sucks. :D
#62599 by southsound
Wed Aug 18, 2010 8:10 pm
tigerpilot wrote:On Hold for over 30 minutes and then get disconnected!!


Well, if you are porting AWAY from ooma, why should we expect you to recommend them anyways?
#62600 by FreePhone
Wed Aug 18, 2010 8:34 pm
lbmofo wrote:Not true with Verizon. You pay a lot of $ every month and still CS sucks. :D
I never had any issues when I had Verizon as my cell phone provider.
#62602 by southsound
Wed Aug 18, 2010 9:36 pm
FreePhone wrote:
lbmofo wrote:Not true with Verizon. You pay a lot of $ every month and still CS sucks. :D
I never had any issues when I had Verizon as my cell phone provider.

I agree. I had them for over 10 years here on Harstine Island, WA. When I was building my home in 1998 I had to put my 3-watt bagphone on a step ladder to get a signal. But when I did, it was wonderful. Then they convinced me to upgrade to digital. I purchased one of those neat little Motorola phones that had kind of a slope. It made a great doorstop because it sure didn't work as a phone. Verizon told me it would not be long before I had great service. So when 2 years went by I got another phone. Still didn't work but wow. what a great phone. It even played MP3's - except since it could not find a signal, the music was choppy. No worrys, I upgraded again. Then I finally saw the light and downgraded to Net10. Cell phone costs went from $40+ per month to $5.50. Ooops - I guess I forgot to mention that when I decided to port my number to Net10 I called Verizon to see what costs I would have to transfer. The Verizon agent told me I would be getting a CREDIT if the port occured within a certain window. So I ported the number. And I was hit with a $175 early termination fee. After more than 10 years with Verizon. The agent neglected to tell me that I still had 5 weeks left on my contract.

I guess you might guess from the above rant that I am displeased with Verizon. Please understand that this is a gross undertatement. If I could take Verizon and run over it with a monster truck, roll over the pieces with a steam roller, then break the remaining pieces with a sledge hammer, and finally, when no one was looking, descretely urinate over the remains, I still would feel they owed me a pound of flesh. But I digress. Now what were we saying about Verizon customer service? :P
#62605 by FreePhone
Wed Aug 18, 2010 10:32 pm
I guess we can agree that there is not one phone company out there that can please everyone. Each coverage area has their own issues. So if everyone is unhappy about their carriers, why not at least get our phone service for free. I would rather be unhappy about customer service, than unhappy about my bill. :)

Now with that said....if Ooma turns out to be a real pain in my side with constant outages and box failures, I will really be upset. I did my research though and from what I can tell Ooma seems like they keep improving their system. I just hope my phone service with them continues to remain free down the road. But the way things are going, more and more people are using cell phones in place of home phones.
#62606 by lbmofo
Wed Aug 18, 2010 11:24 pm
What happened to SouthSound is precisely what happend to my father inlaw.

Not long ago, I offered to add my father inlaw to my AT&T family plan because he felt that paying $50 a month to Verizon was too much for him (his son bailed on Verizon contract with only a few months remaining and father inlaw was originally an extra line in the son's family plan but had to take over the remaining contract for a few more months paying $50 a month via tranfer of ownership or something like that). Father inlaw said that he probably couldn't leave Verizon for a few more months. I asked him to call Verizon CS to find out. The CS told him he could leave right away without penalties. When he told me this, I asked him to call CS again to double check. 2nd CS told him the same thing. So I ported his number over to AT&T....then BAM! He got hit with $150 early termination fee. No supervisor would waver when I tried to reason with them. They kept telling me whatever CS tells customers don't count because they make mistakes and they are not always aware of other situations that maybe behind the scenes. What? Once is understandable but the same misinformation twice? I had to write a nasty letter threatening complaints to Attorney generals office etc before they waived the fee. As far as I am concerned, Verizon CS stands for something else popular with this acronym.

Also for them Verizon fans out there that are wanting iPhone on Verizon. I got news for you. With a handful of Droids they got, they already got issues with bandwidth. Just imagine oodles of iPhones on their network! Their network sucks. This superior network crap is just a facade and myth fed by anecdotal hype. All other carriers' smartphones combined dont' equal 1/2 of the iPhone traffic that AT&T is supporting. Gee, I wonder why Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Sony Reader, and many other 3G emerging devices decided to go with AT&T if Verizon's network is so superior? Because their stuff is crap left for dead by the rest of the world and slow as heck.

Now, I feel better. :)
#62607 by FreePhone
Wed Aug 18, 2010 11:34 pm
Next time I would ask for the service reps last name and employee number (if they have one) and tell them you are recording the conversation. It seems all service reps are full of lies lately. Charter cable has got to be the worst!

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