Blacklist Area Codes

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Blacklist Area Codes

Post by JasonV » Fri Aug 06, 2010 6:43 am

I would like have the ability to blacklist area codes or certain cities. I keep getting calls from telemarketers from UT and NV that just change the outgoing phone #. You never get the same phone number when they call you, but they are the same individuals - companies. This happens a lot. There should be a way to block (blacklist) complete area codes or city codes.

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Re: Blacklist Area Codes

Post by nn5i » Fri Aug 06, 2010 7:23 pm

Yes -- this ought to be done, and ought to be easy to implement, too. I do it in my own call-screening system, so I know how easy it is.

The way to do it, Ooma, is to provide for wild cards in the telephone numbers specified in BlackLists. There could be two kinds of wild cards: a question mark to mean "any digit in this position is a match" and an asterisk to mean "any string starting in this position and continuing to the end of the phone number". That is, exactly like wild cards in Windows filenames.

Easy to use, easy for Ooma to do, and rather inexcusable not to provide.

Also, of course, one ought to be able to specify a NAME from which no calls will be accepted regardless of the number. I do this too, and no call will ring at my house if the name, for example, is NOT PROVIDED or POLITICAL CALL. Mr. Provided and Mr. Call are no friends of mine.

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