Custom Ring for Bluetooth Connected Cell Phones

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Custom Ring for Bluetooth Connected Cell Phones

Post by malaria11 » Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:50 pm

(my first post so forgive and educate me if I missed other relevant posts... I did search for them)


The subject line speaks for itself. It would be a valuable feature if Ooma could establish a custom ring for each attached cell phone to the Ooma Bluetooth adapter. I'd like to be able to distinguish which line is the source of an incoming call, 1) Ooma line one, 2) Ooma line two, 3) Cell one, 4) Cell two, ... (I'm assuming I can connect two cells but haven't tried yet).

As a novice user (6 months) that just switched to using my Telo for both home and office lines, this is one of several features I'd like the Ooma design team to consider (will post others as I confirm they are not already covered sufficiently, such as 2nd line to home 2nd line hard-wire and bluetooth linked to specific Ooma line #).


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