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Post by stephen431 » Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:36 pm

Just a thought for Ooma.

Have you considered licensing out your service to some of the wireless providers who offer femtocells and/or wireless broadband services like Clear?

Perhaps it would be possible to build femtocells & wimax adapters that have Ooma functionality built in?

I can imagine a market for people who want to abandon their home phone, but still want to keep their home number and their existing home phones, while improving cell phone reception in their house all at the same time. I know AT&T offers unlimited calling through their microcell for an extra $20 a month, but not everyone wants to carry their cell phone everywhere in their home and/or they want a shared home number.

Clear is done by Sprint, but licensing your tech & service would mean they wouldn't have to build their own. It might be possible for them to market their wireless broadband as a complete phone & broadband replacement.

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