Call Waiting Alternate Notification

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Call Waiting Alternate Notification

Post by shade304 » Fri Jun 18, 2010 5:55 pm

Because of the extreme delay and echo during a call, the interruption of a call waiting notification signal can throw the conversation off worse than a cell phone, usually ending with the person on the other end saying "Hello? Are you there, can you hear me? Hello?" and just as soon as you say "Yes I'm here, please.." you get interrupted by the next "notification". It is enough to totally take down the entire call, especially if you get an obnoxious caller who hangs up and redials over and over in hopes of getting their call answered. Think of it as Ooma DoS made easy. The best solution would be the ability to flash the pink light on the ooma device if you choose instead of the interruption of the audio signal, other options could be text message notification, or an applet on your computers system tray to notify. Is the transmission of caller Id data the real problem? Maybe that could be selectively removed?

Thanks, Bob

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Re: Call Waiting Alternate Notification

Post by nn5i » Sat Jun 19, 2010 12:02 pm

There's a solution I like. Don't use call waiting! I have always utterly detested call waiting, and have asked that it be disabled on my Ooma, which Customer Support promises to do -- with the caveat that it cannot thereafter be made active again (not a worry for me).

No call waiting, no call-waiting notification, no mad switching over to see who's waiting, no having to choose which caller to slight by preferring the other -- much better. But that's just one man's opinion; some people seem to like call waiting. I can't imagine why.

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