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#57798 by nn5i
Fri Jun 11, 2010 6:40 pm
I'm new to Ooma -- my Telo arrived today and seems to work well, except for a latency that is borderline unacceptable.

I'm considering signing up for Premier, for one reason only: caller-ID with name, which as I understand it requires Premier. I do not want, and actively detest, call-waiting, voice-mail, call screening, and so forth.

I use a call-routing system that disconnects all phonesets during the first ring, then (depending upon the Caller-ID) routes the call to selected phonesets, answering machines, or other equipment. This works extremely well. Unwelcome callers (some of them) merely get their calls unanswered (but my phones don't ring); other unwelcome callers get an announce-only machine that tells them line is disconnected; etc. Friends can ring my phones, and if I don't pick up they get an answering machine that takes a message.

So I don't want Ooma to handle, or offer, voice-mail. I just want Ooma to let it ring forever (while in my house it's not actually ringing at all unless it's a friend). Can I turn off Ooma's voicemail? If not, why on God's green Earth not?

I also find call-waiting annoying. I just want them to get a busy signal. Can I make that happen?

Also, I have turned off private calling in Ooma, yet when I call my old landline it still says PRIVATE though it does display the number of my Ooma. I want my name to show up too. Is this possible?

All help, or even sympathy, is welcome.
#57863 by DTMF
Sat Jun 12, 2010 7:41 pm
There is no user-accessible way to turn off any of the features you listed. It seems like there have been previous mentions in the forum by Ooma folks that Ooma Customer Service reps can turn off most features individually on individual accounts. Give them a call and ask what they can do for you!

FWIW, I'd recommend making that call during the day on a weekday, since this is an unusual request and that is usually the part of the workweek when the most knowledgable support at for any company are working. ;)

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