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#58040 by Korleonis
Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:37 am
nn5i wrote:
burnside wrote:Thanks for the suggestions. I think it's just easier to give myself a routine of pressing the envelope icon on the telo every night. Still, the easiest would be if there was a feature on myooma to set a DND. It doesn't seem that complicated to implement.

I use a call-intercepting system that (among other things) has a quiet-hours feature. For each phoneset, you can specify that this phoneset will not ring at certain times of day. My bedroom phones don't ring at night, for example, while those in the rest of the house do. That way, if I'm up I answer, but if I'm abed I sleep uninterrupted. It can also assign quiet hours for any specific incoming caller (depending upon his caller-ID), limiting the times he can call; and it can restrict individual phonesets from being used at all by time-of-day -- useful to get the kids off the phone when they have phones in their rooms but should be asleep and not on the phone after midnight.

All this hasn't much to do with this thread -- except that, having designed and built this system myself, I can attest that this sort of thing is easy to implement.

Ok, so what is this call-intercepting system? how does one acquire one?
#58042 by DTMF
Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:47 am
murphy wrote:Get yourself an appliance timer and kill the power to the Telo when you don't want the phone to ring. I realize that is the sledge hammer approach but it works.

That's a clever workaround. Serendipitous benefit is that it reduces electricity usage, too. :cool:

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