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#55915 by heilpern
Tue May 18, 2010 12:13 pm
In my case, its not really about lack of incentives bothering me. I switched to ooma from Vonage, as a last-straw type decision. Had I been locked into Vonage, I would not have been able to make such an impulse decision -- bad for me, but good for Vonage. Of course I have no reason to think I will want to make such a change now that I've found ooma, but when I started Vonage service (in 2004) I could not foresee wanting to move away from them either ;)

It really is to ooma's benefit to lock me in for more than month-to-month, but unless I see reason to (as I did for the first year), that won't happen.

Incidentally, the reason I switched to ooma is the personal blacklist. I'm one of those types that can't stand unsolicited calls, and the Do Not Call list is not doing enough. The money savings I'll see makes it much more interesting, but was not my motivation - I had one telemarketer call too many, and Vonage still does not offer useful call blocking. However, with month-to-month offering me flexibility that suits a customer rather than a company, along with near-equal fees for monthly vs. yearly... it doesn't take a math major to predict the results.
#55925 by sfhub
Tue May 18, 2010 12:59 pm
You need to factor in laziness and inertia. Lots of people will probably just sign up for yearly for the initial perk and be too lazy to change.

Also there is an implicit perk of yearly. If monthly goes up in price, you are locked into the old price for 1-12 months depending on when it happens.

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