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#55042 by Insomnia
Sat May 08, 2010 3:57 pm
I'm an Ooma Premier Lifetime Subscriber, which means I have roughly $700 invested in this thing. About a week ago, we noticed we were no longer receiving calls on one of our lines. I tested it myself and sure enough, I got a message saying the number was not a working number. I called Ooma support and some guy from bangladesh or something answered the phone, every 2 minutes he'd ask me a stupid question and then go away for 5 minutes. Every time I asked to be transferred to tier 2 support, he'd change the subject and go away for 5 minutes again. Finally he told me they were going to call in 24-48 hours. That was a week ago. I still have no calls comming in on my phone line. Everybody thinks my line has been disconnected and the people at Ooma are being tight lipped about it, but I don't think I'm the only one experiencing this problem. 1 week and not so much as a "screw you" from Ooma. I have my assistant call about every other day and all they say is that we'd be getting an email soon. Whatever that means. If anyone else is experiencing this problem, speak up here and lets let these people know that we're not going to tolerate this iron curtain of silence any longer. We want to know what's happening and when it's going to be fixed. And how they plan on compensating us for this mess.
#55046 by southsound
Sat May 08, 2010 5:33 pm
First off, let me agree - this is totally unacceptable for any user - let alone a Lifetime Premier subscriber.

Here is my suggestion. Send an email to Norm Toy, Bobby B, or Dennis P (ooma's Vice President of Product Management). These folks are awesome and I'm sure they will take care of you in no time at all. Remember that courtesy and respect are always better than threats or anger. You can click the links below to load the message screen.

Norm Toy
Bobby B
Dennis P
#55525 by Insomnia
Fri May 14, 2010 7:52 am
2 weeks now and still no resolution. I'm frustrated, I'm upset, and I'm screwed. I've contacted everyone I can, and although they got back to me, there is still no resolution in sight. Here is the text from my latest email. I suggest everyone read this thread because this could happen to you.


It's been 2 weeks since this problem started and there is still not resolution. You have not replied to my previous email regarding my thoughts on a temporary fix and I'm growing more frustrated by the day. This is a very important number to me and if you can't fix it, I'm going to have to find another solution. So,here's the deal, either fix my problem, or refund the money I've spent on these Ooma devices and I'll walk away. I don't know on what planet this might be considered ok, but on this planet, I need this phone working now. Nobody seems to be taking this problem seriously. I need this number working by close of business Monday. If it's not fixed by then, I'm going to start sending out change of number notices to everyone and find a new carrier.


Alan P.

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