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#3089 by hottoddy
Tue Feb 17, 2009 5:19 pm
i'm a giant fan of ooma, and obviously it's in the best interest of ooma's customers for the company to succeed. my sister has bought one, as have my parents and several of the people who work for me from their homes (at my insistence). and all of this despite the fact that ashton kutcher is involved. now that really says something.

i'm trying to convince the company i work for to buy ooma's for all of their home based sales reps...about 120 or more people.

the concern? the hardware is not transferrable should someone leave the company.

any way to resolve that issue, so that an incoming rep could pick up an outgoing reps ooma hub? it could mean about 100+ units.

thanks ooma. i've loved this bad boy for almost a year now. one of the best inventions in my lifetime. it felt oh so good to tell my telecom provider (Qwest) to suck it.

also, since i installed ooma, the Cox cable contractor bought an ooma and called me to tell me he has recommended it to almost all of his customers. the Qwest rep who disconnected me was very interested (personally) to learn about ooma.

keep on keeping on.
#3090 by atici
Tue Feb 17, 2009 5:55 pm
If ooma becomes very popular i wonder if its network will become less reliable for existing users. Until we know the answer maybe you better hush.
#3091 by skellener
Tue Feb 17, 2009 6:20 pm
hottoddy wrote:the hardware is not transferrable should someone leave the company.
Wouldn't they simply send the Ooma back to the company when they are finished? I would imagine it would be the companies property. The company would own the Ooma and the telephone number assigned to it. The rep wouldn't sign up for the Ooma in the first place - the company would. Of course you would not want to violate the Ooma terms of service...

5 Use of Equipment and Services

If using the service for "for profit use" you are limited to 3,000 minutes.
#3092 by murphy
Tue Feb 17, 2009 6:36 pm
Actually the equipment is for residential use only.

5 Use of Equipment and Services

* (a) Residential Use: We provide the Equipment and Services to you solely for residential use.

The 3000 minute per month limit applies to residential use.
#3095 by mosteve
Tue Feb 17, 2009 8:29 pm

I too would recommend ooma to my company as the standard for several hundred work@home employees if ooma had better support. I am in a position of influence in this area given my job.

when i initiated my service i had a bad experience with support's responsiveness and have read lots of similar stories in the user forum.
#3159 by hottoddy
Thu Feb 19, 2009 8:47 am
yeah, interesting. i uee my ooma at home for both wqork and residential use.

despite the terms of service, the ooma dudes did encourage me to get my company signed up via an email conversation when i inquired.

#3185 by inrame
Thu Feb 19, 2009 3:30 pm
yeah, the biggest issue for business is the limited minutes - about 1.5 hrs of talk time per day is not a lot for a business (depends of course on the type of business). i'm not sure Ooma wants to provide such service

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