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#246 by von
Fri Jun 20, 2008 4:43 am
I have noticed on a quite a few occasions that Ooma has not answered my emails. The first time was before I became a subscriber, I had a couple of questions about the service and clicked the "Send us an email" link, on the contact page. I sent emails twice on two different days without a response to any of them. The next couple of times was as a subscriber, with the same results.... No response.
Although I was able to call and ask the same questions that I asked in the email, I think this may be a bad practice. Any future subscribers that may email a question or two before subscribing to the service may be a bit hesitant to pay $249 for Ooma when no one answers their emails...(I know I was)

Ooma is one of the best VOIP services that I have used in a long time (and I have tried quite a few of them) and I would hate anybody to miss out because of this
#247 by Bobby B
Fri Jun 20, 2008 2:11 pm
Hello von,

Were you using the contact form linked off of the support page (link below)?

I'm wondering if there's a potential problem with our forms, though we seem to be getting quite a few emails with using either form. I'm going to send you an email requesting a few more details.

#261 by Art Miller
Wed Jun 25, 2008 2:50 pm
I'm a fairly new subscriber, and --like Von-- I exchanged a number of emails with ooma both before and after taking the plunge.

Fortunately, every one of them was replied to, and with incredible promptness. Most had to do with installation (mine is non-typical), so good support was crucial for me in choosing to go with ooma. My feelings remain that way, too.

Let's hope Von's experience was unusual, but it certainly behooves ooma to check into this to be SURE the email system is running well.

#263 by Bobby B
Wed Jun 25, 2008 5:38 pm
Hi Art - glad to hear you've had a positive response. We've tested our email forms and they seem to be working OK.

Hi Von, I sent you a email note last week requesting a few more details about your web browser. When you get a chance, I'd definitely like to get that information from you.


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