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#47361 by JTalbert
Tue Feb 16, 2010 12:28 pm
How about doing a REAL beta of the contacts to handset beta. Invite people who currently have the handset to be part of testing the ability to download your contacts to the handset.

As of now, this is a one sided Beta, which in honestly is no use to us as consumers. Woo hoo! WE can add our contacts online.. Umm what can we do with them in the current state? How does the current Contact "beta" benefit your customers. It does not.

Does Ooma even have a time line to pushing down new firmware to the phone and making contacts active? Bobby? Anybody from Ooma?
#47485 by jcarcopo
Wed Feb 17, 2010 9:58 am
I would settle for the ability to add and edit contacts on my Telo and for all 4 of my handsets to have identical contact lists irrespective of ooma contact-less syncing.

In this day and age to have a multiple handset cordless phone system that doesn't allow editing or manually adding contacts (other then saving caller id numbers with no option to edit or manually add a number) is defrauding customers of basic telephony functionality. The fact that saved contacts on one telo handset are not available on the other handsets is stupidfrackingridiculious.

My god, the false advertising and lies to sell what has turned out to be the worst fracking product I have ever owned; And this considering I always thought Microsoft's VISTA OS roll out would hold the number one spot for all eternity for worse product release debacle in history.

OOMA you're now number #1, but not in a good way.

If I was the CTO of Ooma I would fire my engineering department and look for a job at Microsoft where that sort of ass backward thinking is acceptable and encouraged.
#47503 by JTalbert
Wed Feb 17, 2010 11:32 am
The VP Of Engineering Operations surprisingly came from Apple. He was there for 10 years, then at 3D0. Who knows what time period he was at Apple? Was it while Steve Jobs was not there and the company flapped around like fish out of water?

I am am shocked at the lack of direction Ooma seems to have and shocked that no one that works with Ooma will say anything about the status of the handset and new firmware for it. Them not talking about it, shows how little concern they have over it. So what if customers purchase a product that doesnt work as advertised, like the handset, and ooops the iPhone App was released a month to 2 months too early even that did not work.

I think people need to be held liable and if they cannot get the product to work as advertised then they should not have a job...

I am STILL having sound quality issues with my service, and its my ISP's fault. I have till tomorrow to return the handset to Best Buy, I may just do that and then concentrate on my call quality issues and then maybe at a later date get the handset if they ever show any serious care and concern about it.

Again... OOMA... COMMENT PLEASE???????????

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