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#47279 by Bill D
Tue Feb 16, 2010 12:04 am
I have 2 Hubs, without Premiere and I occasionally need 3-way calling.

A dream at 3 AM, led me to wonder if I could implement 3-way-calling by connecting each Hub's Scout together through their Phone ports and press both top buttons? Or maybe with a switch, resistor bridge and/or crossover cable. Maybe also through each Hub's wall ports without the Scouts?

I didn't try any of these ideas for fear of frying interface chips since they both supply battery. Someone familiar with the Ooma circuity and signaling might know how to pull it off.

OK, back to sleep - but it would be cool if it works for the few times I need it.

#47287 by amoney
Tue Feb 16, 2010 4:58 am
For the other person in the house who wants to join the conversation they just need to pickup a phone connected to the same line hence...

HUB connected to multiple wireless handsets, the other person just picks up another handset.

If your "hardcore" so to speak, you can attach a splitter to a HUB and connect mutiple wired phones.
#47313 by Bill D
Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:08 am
trim81 wrote:invest in a 2-line cordless phone. does what you need

Thanks - - Duh - - Obviously - - I already have a 2-line Uniden 8866 that lets me conference between outside line 1 and outside line 2 (which is my Hub 1 and Hub 2) so it does exactly what I want.

I should be more careful about those 3 AM dreams that lead to 3 AM surfing. I should save my posts as drafts and read them again when I'm awake the next morning before sending. Maybe "sleepsurfing" is the cyber equivalent of sleepwalking.

I just ran a test of 3-way conferencing through my Uniden using both outside lines and I could hear both parties fine but they each said the volume between them was very low. I guess that volume is out of my control... unless there's any ideas from anyone on boosting it.

Bill (wide awake this time)

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