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#46454 by jdorin
Thu Feb 11, 2010 5:34 am
Wouldn't it be great to have Ooma supply a caller's ID from a callers' list you maintain in your My Ooma when none comes in with the call, and for outgoing calls you place?

Here's the sugg: When the call doesn't have an ID (incoming or outgoing), it would be useful if Ooma would search a list of phone numbers you keep in your account for a match, and insert the name you have associated with that number into the Call Log.

Once you have received a call from someone who is blocking his Caller ID and you know his name, if you then placed that number-name pair in your list, subsequent calls to/from that number would no longer be "UNAVAILABLE" - and VOILA! :D
#46476 by bw1
Thu Feb 11, 2010 8:51 am
If you enter names and numbers into Contacts in my.ooma:, then it will update your call logs with the name now. It just doesn't show the name on the caller id on an incoming call yet. I'm sure that's coming.

Also, if someone is blocking their caller id then the name and number is also blocked.
#46615 by amoney
Thu Feb 11, 2010 5:44 pm
bw1 wrote:Also, if someone is blocking their caller id then the name and number is also blocked.

I was going to say the same thing.

Now if the user has basic caller ID, number only, I believe you should be able to make a phone book entry saved with a name, then in the future, the number match with also ID the name. Thats how other handsets work.
#50726 by bthetoy
Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:13 pm
I concur! This is especially useful for cell phones, which often just read "Wireless Caller" for the caller ID name. It would be helpful to display the name associated with the number in the MyOoma contacts list. I think ViaTalk has this feature and calls it "custom caller ID."

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