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#45460 by frogman_usn
Fri Feb 05, 2010 12:24 pm
I am a happy Ooma basic Hub subscriber. Recently there was a system problem where the Hubs (and the Telos) were going on and off (up and down.) I would like to sugest that when outages are created as a result of Ooma there should be a basic call forward feature. As it stand right now the only people that have call forwarding are the premium members. What I propose is to have a system default set up that a person can enter as a default call forward number for system outage ONLY. This could be something set up per request either by phone or by e-mail if you dont want to give access to the users to set it up. The trigger would be when the system goes DOWN ONLY.
Keeping this feature only for the premium members seems a bit backward. I understand that the call forward is a feature for the premium members to change at any time whenever they want but this is a different scenario that would translate to customer satisfaction when there is another sever system outage.


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